We operate with social responsibility

Working with a circular economy is an old tradition within our company.

Here at Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg, we see it as a great deal of our work to run our business in a sustainable and socially responsible way. Which is why we have a mantra built upon a circular economy.

We recycle all our resources within the fields of agriculture and forestry and seek to create a closed ecosystem which is not burdening our climate, by using locally produced raw materials and energy.

Circular economy

Simply put, our version of a circular economy means that we keep our products and materials in an integrated circuit for as long as possible in order to create the highest value possible.

This also means that we reuse the resources which arise during our day-to-day operations while exploiting locally produced raw materials and energy with a minimum of transport.

All this creates a ecosystem which does not harm the climate.


Frijsenborg's and Wedellsborg's forestry and agriculture are some of the focal points of our circular economy.

Our environmentally conscious way of working has meant that our forests around Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg are PEFC certified for sustainable forestry

Our most essential part is our CO2-neutral biogas consumption on Favrskov Biogas.




  • 6000 Households' consumption Daily production of Co2-neutral biogas
  • PEFC -certifikate Sustainable agriculture


Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg have two windmills available which also contributes to our sustainable and renewable energy.

Every year, we produce enough electricity to keep 400 households going.

  • 480 households Yearly electricity consumption for
  • 2.138.000 KwH Y

Maintains the Cultural Heritage

Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg have a specialized crafts team who restores conserved buildings and castles

  • 10000 m2 Listed buildings

A good stable life

It means a lot to us that our activities within the company happen in a socially responsible way.

Therefore, we also make sure that our chickens are well at their stables; that there is enough room for every one of them and that they are fed with proper feed.

Frijsenborg's chicken production happens in co-operation with Coop which contributes in setting our standards within animal welfare.

  • 82426 m2 Room for chickens
  • 14276 m2 Porches
  • 68150 m2 Stables

CO2 accounts

We closely monitor our Co2 consumption in order to keep track of the necessary parts of the consumption.

And you can check the accounts below.


  • 4200 T Emissions
  • 52000 t Reduction
  • 47800 T Negative emissions