Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg constitute one large, modern agriculture and forestry business with innovative and contemporary values.

Chicken production Our values
  • 1400 HA Frijsenborg
  • 1250 HA Wedellsborg
  • 2650 HA Agriculture in total

Two different kinds of agriculture,
same structure

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Our agriculture on the two estates includes 2650 ha in total – 1250 ha at Wedellsborg, and 1400 ha at Frijsenborg.

The production structure is the same on both estates and is conducted under the same organizational structure as well.

Almost all types of soils are represented and the quality of such varies.

At Wedellsborg, the main parts of the soil are medium to heavy clay soils, while Frijsenborg's are light to medium-sized clay soils.


Production focuses mainly on crops

Frijsenborg's and Wedellsborg's agricultural production consists mainly of crops in the form of grain, seeds, and rapeseed.

The agriculture surrounds both estates and employs 9 employees in total.

We also produce chickens

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to call one of our district managers. They'll help you the best they can. 

This also applies when colliding with animals. Just remember to mark the entry point for the sake of any search with a Hanover Hound.

Christian Ejby

Frijsenborg - Chief of district/ Agriculture

+4540 46 19 53

Henrik Galsgaard

Wedellsborg - Chief of district/ Agriculture

+45 21 95 16 10