About Wedellsborg

The County of Wedellsborg is founded in 1672 – but the first brickwork of the manor house originates from the year 1500.

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About Wedellsborg

The Wedellsborg manor house is located in Ejby on the west side of the Danish island, Funen.

The manor house originates back to the year 1500. Back then, it was known as Iversnæs.

The Wedellsborg name was first used when Wilhelm Friedrich von Wedel took over the manor in 1672 and founded the county which still exists.

Count Bendt Wedell, the current count, was assigned Count of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg at the age of 7 in 1982.


Wedellsborg in brief

Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg as a whole constitute a modern agricultural and forestry business that spans over more than 8700 hectares.

At Wedellsborg, the agricultural area is almost twice the size of Frijsenborg, while Frijsenborg has the largest forest areas – which also includes the company's own garden center.

Wedellsborg is one of Denmark's oldest family possessions, with inheritance back to the beginning of the 17th century.

The Wedell-Wedellborg family also has royal roots, and the count today, Bendt Wedell, manages both manor houses.

About Frijsenborg
  • 1672 YEAR County founded
  • 1958 - 59 YEAR Now a joint operation

The values of Wedellsborg

Our two counties employ a staff of 63 people every day, all scattered across our different departments such as agriculture and forestryhunting, building maintenance, biogas services, administration, and our nursery.

At Wedellsborg, the agriculture and hunting are our golden stars.

The work we do is based on a business cultural mantra about social responsibility – and happy employees who go to work with a smile on their faces every day.

We do it by focusing on high quality, animal welfare, and a good working culture with loyal and hard-working colleagues.

Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg are two historic houses which are a part of the Danish cultural heritage.

And we are a part of the trademark De 5 Gaarde with Schackenborg, Constantinborg, and Gyllingnæs.

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Helena Steffensen

Wedellsborg - Secretary


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Pia Jørgensen

Frijsenborg - Bookkeeping


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