Residential and warehouse rental

Rental for both private & business

Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg have houses for rent, and buildings for storage and other things.

  • 86 Buildings Wedellsborg
  • 56 Buildings Frijsenborg
  • 142 Buildings In total

Rent a warehouse building

Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg cover an area of more than 6000 ha.

Here, on this great amount of acreages, we have 53 houses and warehouse buildings for you to rent if you are in need of space.

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We rent out
our warehouses and excess houses

Do you have any equipment that you would like to keep in the shelter for rain and wind?

At Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg, we rent out a large proportion of empty warehouses for the purpose.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to call one of our district managers. They'll help you the best they can.

Rental housing

Frijsenborg -

+45 8696 1400

Henrik Galsgaard

Wedellsborg - Chief of district/ Agriculture

+45 21 95 16 10