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We are a modern agriculture and forestry company with more than 500 years of history and tradition.

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Hunting, chickens, forestry & firewoods, agriculture, garden center, and house rental.


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Wedellsborg's and Frijsenborg's historical buildings form the framework of our values in terms of company culture, nature, and agriculture.

These are values which are constantly being given greater weight in our daily lives.

We have built our company upon a circular economy which branches into all aspects of our job. To us, incorporating the environment in our work is a special virtue.

Agriculture and forestry on historical landscapes

Among great and beautiful forest areas, you find our agriculture.

The production consists mainly of crops, grains, seeds, rapeseed and at Frijsenborg, we also produce chickens.

Agriculture Forestry
  • 2000 HA Wedellsborg
  • 1250 HA Frijsenborg
  • 3250 HA Overall
Wilhelm Friedrich von Wedel

The history of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg

Explore our history

Our interest in hunting, forestry, and agriculture has its roots back to the beginning of Wedellsborg and Frijsenborg.

Counts of the past built the industry we see here today, which actually made the manor houses the largest workplaces of the rural areas.

On this site, you can explore the inspiring histories of our two manor houses which extend over 500 years and have welcomed in several celebrities of that time.

year 1500

Was the year when the first ground of the Wedellsborg manor house is constructed by Imperial Council Henrik Knudsen Gyldenstierne.

year 1672

The County of Frijsenborg
is founded by Count Mogens Frijs.

The County of Wedellsborg is founded by Wilhelm Friedrich von Wedel.

year 1923

Inger Wedell inherits Frijsenborg, and aligns the two counties when marrying Julius Wedell from Wedellsborg.