and firewood

The forests that surround Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg cover a total area of 6197 ha and are certified by PEFC. and Global G.A.P

Read more about our forestry below – and if you want to use the forests, you are more than welcome.

Rules of access Rutes for horseback riding
  • 4650 HA Frijsenborg
  • 1497 HA Wedellsborg
  • 9 Men Forestry employees

Firewood from our
own forests

Order firewood

A part of the Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg forestry is established through the sale of our firewood.

The firewood is easily accessible in the woods, which makes it easy for you to get here and pick it up.

You can choose between stacks or woods for gathering in beech, ash, oak or conifers.

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You are more than welcome
in our forests

You and your friends are more than welcome in our forests for activities such as hunting, horseback riding, running, and more.

We only have a few traffic rules that we ask you to comply with. You can read them here.

Rules of access
  • 9 MEN Forestry employees
  • 30 Horseback riding rutes
  • 6197 HA Forest area in total

A proud forestry

The forestry and agriculture are a big part of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg.

We put a great deal of work into nurturing our lands, managing them in a socially responsible way.

Therefore, we are proud that our forests are  PEFC  certified, which means that the forestry at Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg is sustainable and adheres to welfare guidelines for animals as well as for our staff.

The main parts of our forests are used for production, while the rest of the areas are intended for different types of nature and infrastructure.

The forests consist of both deciduous and coniferous trees, of which beech and oak are the most dominant deciduous trees, and red grains and cypress trees are mostly on the conifers.

We are happy to share our good advices with you.

The staff of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg already work as advisors for six forest owners on Funen and in Jutland – so feel free to call us if you have any questions about forestry.

Do you have any questions?

Feel free to call one of our district managers. They'll help you the best they can. 

This also applies when colliding with animals. Just remember to mark the entry point for the sake of any search with a Hanover Hound.

Carsten Bjerre

Frijsenborg - Chief of district / Forrester

+ 45 87 62 21 30

Asger Reunert

Wedellsborg - Chief of district / Forrester

+45 87 62 21 28