About Frijsenborg

The Castle of Frijsenborg was built in 1693, and has been a part of the development of society.

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About Frijsenborg

Frijsenborg located in Hammel on the Eastern side in Jutland.

The castle was built in 1693, where our interest in hunting, agriculture, and forestry also has its roots.

Frijsenborg is – and has always been – a part of a big network of manor houses all around Denmark.

From the middle of 19th century and until the beginning of the 20th century, the Danish manor houses were the biggest workplaces of the rural areas.

And the Danish counties met economic prosperity which showed in the great construction activities where new and rebuilt manor houses made their ways throughout the landscapes.


Frijsenborg in brief

Along with the introduction of the Danish constitution in 1849, the former count of Frijsenborg, Christian Emil Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs, made sure to modify and modernize the mindset of the county. He renewed the agriculture and streamlined the forestry.

All this has been of great importance for the industry which we see on the county today.

Another fun fact about Frijsenborg of that time is that several celebrities, such as H. C. Andersen, Grundtvig, and Karen Blixen have had a connection to the county.

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  • 1693 YEAR Frijsenborg was built
  • 1958 - 59 YEAR Now a joint operation

The values of Frijsenborg

Our two counties employ a staff of 63 people every day, all scattered across our different departments such as agriculture and forestry, hunting, building maintenance, biogas services, administration, and our nursery.

At Frijsenborg, the forestry, agriculture, and the garden center make up most of our work. And our chicken production as well.

The work we do is based on a business cultural mantra about social responsibility – and happy employees who go to work with a smile on their faces every day.

Our chickens are produced in collaboration with De 5 Gaarde which is a common name for the cooperation between Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg, Schackenborg, Gyllingnæs, and Constantinborg.

De 5 Gaarde stands for high-quality and high standards – values of which we are proud to label our products with at Frijsenborg.

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Frijsenborg - Bookkeeping


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