Forest nursery

The plants in the counties of Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg come from our own garden center.

Everything in our parks, alleys, and greenery cultures are produced here.

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  • 24 Ha Frijsenborg
  • 1000000 Plants Annual production

Frijsenborg’s very own forest nursery

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Frijsenborg's forest nursery center is a modern nursery with extensive experience in the production of plant-ready plants for forests, Christmas trees, and greenery cultures, parks, and avenues.

All plants at the counties of Wedellsborg and Frijsenborg are produced at Frijsenborg's forest nursery center.

This means that every plant you see in our outdoor areas is produced by us – and originally, it was the English landscape gardener who has reorganized the garden at Wedellsborg and the park at Frijsenborg.


County greens for your own garden

You can bring our county plants home to your own garden.

In our garden center, you can choose between these different plants: Root plants, seedlings, and Jiffy Spaghnum briquettes.

When ordering, you will be able to supply refrigerated plants from the nursery's cooling house.

Coldhouse plants are more vital because they are not exposed to winter stress during the cold months, showing our experience.

The plants can be delivered the same day as they are taken up by the beds, and can usually be with you the following day. If you need a larger party of plants, we agree to deliver in part lots as well.

Order plants from the forest nursery center

Contact Torben to order plants from Frijsenborg's forest nursery center. 

Torben is the manager of the center and will help you through the ordering process.

He's the one to give you specific prices on the plants as well.

Torben Leisgaard

Frijsenborg - Chief of nursery

+45 20 22 11 04