Rules of access

Welcome in our historical forests!

As they are private forest areas, we have some rules that we hope you will have in mind when being here.

In private forests. Doos and don`ts:

- Stay from 6 o'clock in the morning until sunset

- Only walk on roads and paths – except paths which are only stomped

- Do not cut any of the trees

- Gather mushrooms, nuts, berries, seeds, bushes from the woods, moss, lichen, branches, and twigs – but only what you can reach from roads and paths

- Only ride when you have an agreement with the owner

- Ride your bike on roads and gravel roads, but not in the woods

- Keep dogs on the leash

- Do not dig up plants

- If you are more than 50 persons, you must apply for permission to hold the trip.

Apply for permission

In the event of organized traffic (regardless of the number of participants), please contact Frijsenborg or Wedellsborg Office through the application form.

Access to Frijsenborg Park must always be authorized in advance (regardless of number of persons.)

See also for more information about access rules in private forests.

During the hunting season (1 October to 31 January), the forest can be closed on a few days by signage.


Take a walk in our green forests

You and your friends are more than welcome in our forests – we just hope that you will enjoy the nature and take care of it, just as we do.

If you want to go hiking in the woods, you can find sika deer, red deer and wild boar behind fences at the forests of Frijsenborg.

However, at the Wedellborg area on Funen, you'll meet roe and fallow deer.

All in all, we have 46 Forests at Frijsenborg and Wedellsborg.


Do you have any questions?

Feel free to call one of our district managers. They'll help you the best they can. 

This also applies when colliding with animals. Just remember to mark the entry point for the sake of any search with a Hanover Hound.

Carsten Bjerre

Frijsenborg - Chief of district / Forrester

+ 45 87 62 21 30

Asger Reunert

Wedellsborg - Chief of district / Forrester

+45 87 62 21 28